Speer Project

Project Name: Home-Life Management Center Workforce Expansion Multi-Year Request Funded: 2017 - $60,000
Description: In our conversations with Speer Trust officials over the last year, we have discussed a multi-year funding opportunity that would continue to support our efforts at our Home-Life Management Center and expand Wo(men) Achieving New Directions: 21st Century Career Readiness & Self Employment (WAND), a program that emphasizes collaboration between both of these areas of our work, as well as allows for an innovative and enhanced partnership with Presbyterian congregations throughout the state.
Address: 709 N. Madison Street Director: Marcia Wright-Soika
  Wilmington, DE 19801   mwright-soika@ywcade.org
Project Info:
Web Page: http://www.ywcade.org/WAND Phone:
Email: Fax:
Program: Home-Life Management Center
Agency: YWCA Delaware
Sponsor Church: First & Central