Speer Project

Project Name: Reinforcement of Student Services at Kuumba Academy Funded: 2017 - $20,000
Description: Due to Kuumba Academy’s rapid growth, we seek to reinforce several student support services, to create more effective classrooms. Our goal is to hire Student Enrichment Specialists, in all classrooms, grades 1-4, or 16 total staff members. Further, we will add two Public Allies to help manage student and family services and support 8th graders nearing graduation. We also will launch a community mentorship program and a one-on-one reading program with support from the Presbyterian community.
Address: 1200 N French st Director: Eric Hoover
  Wilmington, DE 19801   ehoover@kacsde.org
Project Info:
Web Page: www.kuumbaacademy.org Phone: 302 660 4754
Email: ehoover@kacsde.org Fax:
Program: n/a
Agency: Kuumba Academy Charter School
Sponsor Church: First & Central