Speer Project

Project Name: Parent Effectiveness Training Course Funded: 2016 - $13,700
Description: The Edgemoor Revitalization Cooperative, Inc. would like to take a new aproach to an old concept. Families in poverty need a new kind of support. One that fills in the gaps created by a break in our society. We would like to teach a group of 10-15 families how to access the information and services to BE the parent they were designed to be.
Address: Edgemoor Revitalization Cooperative, Inc. Director: Heather Popo
  41 S. Cannon Drive  
  Wilmington, DE 19809   heatherpopoERC@gmail.com
Project Info:
Web Page: www.edgemooronline.com Phone: (302530-9515
Email: HeatherPopoERC@icloud.com Fax: (302)764-1190
Agency: Edgemoor Revitalization Cooperative Inc
Sponsor Church: Church of the Covenant