Speer Project

Project Name: Restoring Central Dover - Implementation Funded: 2016 - $20,000
Description: “Restoring Central Dover” has made a strong start in implementation of the neighborhood revitalization plan. The 30-member Steering Committee is organized into six Work Groups focused on specific areas of need. A Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator and a Community Organizer have been added to NCALL’s staff to manage all aspects of the project. A 5-year grant from the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation was awarded to cover 75% of their salaries. Our request seeks to bridge this 25% gap.
Address: 363 Saulsbury Rd. Director: Joe Myer
  Dover, DE 19904   jmyer@ncall.org
Project Info:
Web Page: www.ncall.org Phone: (302)678-9400
Email: jmyer@ncall.org Fax: (302)678-9058
Program: Restoring Central Dover
Agency: NCALL Research, Inc.
Sponsor Church: Dover