Speer Project

Project Name: Supporting Families - Reducing Poverty Funded: 2010 - $0
Description: The Supporting Families Reducing Poverty program will employ an individual dedicated to working with those families applying to be part of the Habitat program with the goal of empowering them and providing them with a path out of poverty. Through skills building, interaction with a wide variety of people from different walks of life and providing a mentor to advise and support the family throughout the process, their chance of success is greatly increased.
Address: Director: Beth Fitton
  ,   beth@sussexcountyhabitat.org
Project Info:
Web Page: www.sussexcountyhabitat.org Phone: 302-855-1153
Email: beth@sussexcountyhabitat.org Fax: 302-855-9262
Agency: Sussex County Habitat for Humanity
Sponsor Church: Georgetown