Basic Help on Applying for Grant

Q. How do I start an application?

Q. How can I continue working on an application I already started?

Q. How can I delete an application I no longer need?

Q. How can I move between sections of the application without completing all required fields first?

Q. How can I change the primary contact for my project?

Q. How can I update or delete a contact for my agency?

Q. Do I need to fill in the Salutation field?

Q. How do I upload a file?

Q. How do I delete an uploaded file?

Q. How do I submit my application once I am done?

Q. How will I know if you received my application?

Q. What geographic areas does the Speer Trust Fund??

Q. What are the eligibility requirements for the Speer Trust?

Q. Can any member of a Presbyterian Church apply for a Speer grant?

Q. What is the Grant deadline?

Q. What is the process for submitting a grant application?

Q. Is it possible to get an extension past the deadline for submitting a grant application?

Q. How will the grant winners be selected?

Q. How will the grantees be notified?

Q. How can I find out who received grants for each grant period?

Q. How many grants will be awarded in each county?

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