Agency Details

Name: Deep Roots, Inc. Started: 3/19/2012
Description: A new partnership whose purpose is to connect and serve children and young people whose lives have been devestated by homelessness.
Address: P.O. Box 113 Director: Abigael Miller
  Earleville, MD 21919
Phone: 410-441-6912 Fax:
WebPage: Email:
All Speer Trust Projects:
Year Project Church City/State Status Award Code
2012 Deep Roots Rock Earleville/MD Complete $8,000 H
2013 Clairvaux Farm Redevelopment Elkton, Christiana Earleville/MD Complete $0
2014 Deep Roots at Clairvaux Farm Elkton Earleville/MD Complete $20,000 C
2014 Deep Roots' Hands Guiding Hands Christiana Earleville/MD Active $0
2014 Operating Support - Clairvaux Farm Elkton Earleville/MD Active $0
2016 Widening Horizons Chestertown, Elkton Earleville/MD Active $20,000
2017 Transformation through Technology Unknown Earleville/MD Active $0
  Total Programs: 7   Total Dollars: $48,000