Before applying, take our Eligibility Quiz to be sure your agency qualifies for Speer funding.

Grant Process
Review funding guidelines
- Review Criteria
- Take Eligibility Quiz
- Any questions, Contact Speer
Fill out an online application
- Describe project and contacts
- Presbyterian church support
- Upload financial information
- Upload proposal
Apply by Mail or in Person
- Applications will ONLY be accepted online
Speer Reviews Application
- Details may be requested
- May schedule project visit
Grant decisions are made
- Decision made in 3 months
- Funding in installments
- 6 & 12-month interim reports
2 Grant cycles a year
- April 1st at 2 P.M.
- September 15th at 12 noon


Speer Eligibility Quiz

Will the work under your proposed grant take place in Delaware or the Eastern Shore of Maryland?
Yes     No
Has your organization received funds from the Speer Trust in the past 12 months?
Yes     No
Is your organization working in partnership with a Presbyterian church on this project, such that you are able to provide a letter of support from a Presbyterian Church ( U.S.A. ) or Presbyterian members involved with your project?
Yes     No
Have you reviewed all the requirements for Speer Trust funding and does this project meet these criteria?
Yes     No
Does your organization have a Board of Directors, and are you a 501c3 tax-exempt organization?
Yes     No