Before applying, take our Eligibility Quiz to be sure your agency qualifies for Speer funding.

Grant Process
Review funding guidelines
- Review Criteria
- Take Eligibility Quiz
- Any questions, Contact Speer
Fill out an online application
- Describe project and contacts
- Presbyterian church support
- Upload financial information
- Upload proposal
Apply by Mail or in Person
- Applications will ONLY be accepted online
Speer Reviews Application
- Details may be requested
- May schedule project visit
Grant decisions are made
- Decision made in 3 months
- Funding in installments
- 6 & 12-month interim reports
2 Grant cycles a year
- April 1st at 2 P.M.
- September 15th at 12 noon


Criteria for Applying for Grant

Does the project or program seek to address the root causes of poverty by fostering the building of power and community among those experiencing poverty?
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Does the organization or project hold as a primary goal to encourage persons and communities who are experiencing poverty to discover - in and among themselves - the capacity to gain responsibility and control over their own lives? Gaining control over one's own destiny, even in a portion of one's life, may bring about dignified economic, social and cultural strength. Thus, those who are poor should be in positions of leadership and decision making with regard to the project or program.
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Does this project or program provide an opportunity for members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to be involved as partners in addressing root causes of poverty in such a way that the whole Christian Church might be transformed? The Speer Commission is interested not only in the transformation of society as root causes of poverty are addressed, but also in the transformation of the church. Thus, projects or programs that invite respectful and trusting partnership of the community, those experiencing poverty and the church will be given highest consideration for funding.
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Proposal must include the following:

  • Describe, in detail, its goal(s), its objectives the specific steps the group will take to accomplish the desire outcome(s), the way the direct beneficiaries will be involved in all stages of the project, and the methods to be used to achive the desired outcome(s).
  • Describe fully the resources available for project support, including a description of a) resources within the community, b) those available to the community and c) matching and other financial resources obtained.
  • Specify an evaluation plan that includes how progress has been made.
  • Detailed description of how members of the sponsoring Presbyterian Church USA congregation participates in the project.