Before applying, take our Eligibility Quiz to be sure your agency qualifies for Speer funding.

Grant Process
Review funding guidelines
- Review Criteria
- Take Eligibility Quiz
- Any questions, Contact Speer
Fill out an online application
- Describe project and contacts
- Presbyterian church support
- Upload financial information
- Upload proposal
Apply by Mail or in Person
- Applications will ONLY be accepted online
Speer Reviews Application
- Details may be requested
- May schedule project visit
Grant decisions are made
- Decision made in 3 months
- Funding in installments
- 6 & 12-month interim reports
2 Grant cycles a year
- April 1st at 2 P.M.
- September 15th at 12 noon


The Speer Trust Grant Application
Download the Speer Trust application

Deadline for grant applications is April 1 or October 15, at 2:00 P.M.

Beginning in 2012, applications will ONLY be accepted online.

For further information contact:

Rev.%20Bob%20Schminkey, Director

Speer Trust Office
1102 W. Church Road
Newark, DE 19711